A Dinosaur Water Park for #Guelph! My Day Couldn’t Get Any Better! 

A special visit from a grade 1 class from the Guelph Community Christian School bringing me a special card of encouragement!

Wow! Thank you so much to these wonderful students who took the time to create this special card. And how did you know I love chocolate? I’ll save some for an upcoming long council meeting!

I asked all the kids that if they could have one thing in Guelph, that our city doesn’t currently have, what would that be? 

The consistent answer was…..drum roll please…..

“A dinosaur water park!”

I’ll try putting that in next years budget okay! I have a feeling city council may just think this is a great idea so keep your fingers crossed! I know I’d vote for it!

Thanks again for stopping by city hall! You made my day!


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