Over $280,000 in #Guelph Community Grants Awarded to 48 Organizations!


City awards $282,200 to non-profit organizations

Wellbeing Grant Program:

The grants will support a variety of programs and services aligned with the goals identified by the community in Guelph’s Community Wellbeing Initiative. These goals include: increasing democratic participation, increasing the city’s living standards, promoting healthy living, improving community vitality, and supporting endeavours in arts and culture, leisure, education, and environment.

This year, the City received requests for more than $732,000 in funding. After reviewing the 73 applications, the grant allocation panel, made up of eight citizens with expertise in community benefit organizations, awarded $124,200 to 20 human and social services applicants; $121,000 to 21 arts and culture applicants; $13,500 to three recreation and sport applicants; and $23,500 to four other (community, environment or health) applicants. The maximum funding allocation per applicant is $15,000.

“The City is pleased to work with and contribute financially to various local organizations committed to improving the well-being of Guelph residents through the important programs and services they provide,” says Colleen Clack, general manager, Culture, Tourism and Community Investment.

The list of 2016 grant recipients is available at guelph.ca/grants.

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