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Last week I attended the kick-off celebrations at John F Ross for the TEN4TEN fundraiser to fight brain tumors! It was a great presentation and I want to immediately thank all the people involved with this important cause. Ross teacher and campaign organizer Mark Yanchus is pictured above. One of the most passionate people I’ve met and he knows all too well the pain of these tumors. He explained to the crowd his story of the loss of his brother at a young age to a brain tumor.

There’s lots of opportunities available to get involved. Here’s a picture I took of the events coming up!


From the Upper Grand School Board Press Release: A decade ago, staff and students at John F. Ross had a goal of raising $10,000 and having 10 people shave their heads. The fundraiser was an amazing success, with 14 people lining up to shave their heads while raising more than $30,000. This year, Ross aims to raise $50,000 for brain cancer research and is hoping that with the help of other area schools they can surpass that goal.


One of the special speakers for the assembly was Ross student Alicia Denoon. At 18 years old she’s a hero. Living with a tumor for most of her life and now a fierce survivor she pumped up the crowd to get ready to not only meet their financial goal, but I’m sure hoping that they’ll surpass it!

There’s T-shirts, buttons, hoodies and more available to purchase as well! Contact John F Ross if you’d like to be a part of this event! This doesn’t have to be high schools only. We can all do our little part in this!

There’s also an email here: Contact ten4ten2015@gmail.com


So remember folks, this is all the high-schools putting aside their friendly rivalries and coming together to do a great thing. It really should be of no surprise to anyone that Guelph high schools step up to do the right thing. It’s Guelph. It’s what we do.

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