Taking Care of Animals in #Guelph – Update on Animal Control By-Law


Community supports setting a standard of care for animals:
City releases analysis of resident feedback on animal control bylaw recommendations:

Guelph, Ont., March 22, 2016 – Today, the City released an analysis of resident feedback on proposed recommendations for a new animal control bylaw.

The report, prepared by Sage Solutions, summarizes the feedback received from residents and is intended to inform the work of the Animal Control Bylaw Working Group (ACWG)—comprised of community members, agency representatives, and City employees.

Eighty-one people submitted written feedback at the four public meetings held last November and 2,100 distinct online survey responses were received between November 27 and December 31, which focused on animal licensing, animals in public spaces, exotic animals, and limits on animals.

One highlight from the results was overwhelming support for the establishment of a minimum standard of care for animals. Ninety-seven per cent of those who attended a public meeting and 89 per cent of survey respondents said they were in support of the City adopting a code of practice to outline guidelines for the minimal care of animals.

In addition to the feedback, the ACWG will be considering operational and financial impacts to the City, Guelph Humane Society, businesses and local organizations, and weighing those against the needs of the community. The group will also be considering the fees associated with a new bylaw consolidating the City’s existing animal control bylaws.

Final recommendations from the ACWG will be given to staff for consideration in a report to Council containing a recommended new animal control bylaw. It is expected the report will be presented to Council this fall.

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