City of #Guelph Pilots New Item Exchange Program for Next 24 Hours!


Starting today, the City of Guelph will now be piloting a new item exchange program for businesses and residents over the next 24 hours.
Available at many city facilities people can bring in their old item and exchange it for the new item.
After over a year of studies it was determined that the item used by residents currently wasn’t of any use and the city wanted to step in and help.
The city will only switch the item free of charge for the next 24 hours. After 24 hours the new item exchange will cost $115,000 dollars for the new item.
The new item should provide greater stability and last a great deal longer then the current item.
I thank the public for using the previous item but are encouraging people to use the new item.
The new item will be slightly larger then the old item. This larger item may make it more difficult to place the new item where the old item was located.

To recap: The new item will not be the old item due to exchanging the old item for the new item.
Holding onto the old item is not recommended as the new item is available when you exchange the old item for the new item.
Items not exchanged within 24 hours will be auctioned off by Dave & Neil on the CJOY morning radio show 1460am. They love items!

For more information about the item exchange program please email
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