Celebrating #Guelph Youth Week with “Mayors of the Day!”

How fortunate our city is to have our next generation of leaders ready to go right here from our own backyard! 

I proposed a “Mayor of the Day” initiative a couple of months ago to staff as it’s never been done before in Guelph! The outcome couldn’t have been better with both Amy and Lexi the successful applicants for 2016!

We had an amazing day together! We did way too much and had way too much fun! I think they learned a lot and I learned a lot too!

I picked them because Amy mentioned her love of city planning and that she would be going off to university this fall studying planning. I chose Lexi due to her focus on wanting to improve our downtown for youth events, tourism and creating an atmosphere in our core that would draw more people to it which in turn would help local businesses!

Here are several shots & a couple of videos of them in action!

Welcome to city hall! 

Learning about downtown development for parking and renovating Wilson St from our CAO!
Pictures of all the Mayor’s of Guelph! Maybe one day their pictures will be there!
Off to City Council Chambers to be at the Mayor’s chair! 


Now we’re off to learn about downtown development planning from our staff! Lots of great questions and ideas!

Off to Emergency Preparedness Day at the West End Centre!


Let’s watch a car being cut in half with the jaws of life from our fire fighters! 

Our fire fighters and city staff!

Met tons of kids from schools from all over Guelph!

Got interviewed by media about the event! They did great!

Amy’s interview:


Lexi’s interview:


Busy morning! Let’s go get lunch downtown at The Vienna! They have never been there so I had to introduce them!

Off to St. James high school for a student townhall!

Lots of games! (Don’t ask!)

Okay now let’s go pitch some great Guelph ideas for tourism, planning and events to our Destination Next Tourism committee!

Meeting downtown Guelph Business Association director Marty Williams, president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Kithio Mwanzia and local business owner Mark Rodford from the Cornerstone! 

Back to city hall for a chance to wear the “chain of office”!
Finished the day with a radio interview for CFRU youth station and then they were off! Wow what a day and what wonderful people both Amy & Lexi are!

Thank you for being with me today and thank you to city hall staff Jen and Kate that helped put this day together! Our city is in good hands with our future leaders like Lexi and Amy! I’m looking forward to the winners for 2017!

Take care,



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