#Guelph City Council Approves Donation to Help Those Affected by Alberta Wildfires!


Guelph, Ont. May 10, 2016– At its meeting last night, Guelph City Council approved a donation of $5,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to help the tens of thousands of people who have been affected and displaced by wildfires in the Fort McMurray area.
“We can only imagine what the people of Fort McMurray are going through, and the tough job of rebuilding that lies ahead. Guelph is pleased to offer this donation as a show of our support,” says Mayor Cam Guthrie.
The donation will be placed with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and, as such, matched by the federal government.
“Seeing the shock and devastation of the Fort McMurray community has been heartbreaking,” says Guelph City Councillor, Cathy Downer. “I am pleased Guelph is joining the efforts of our citizens and others across Ontario to let the people of Alberta know we support them in this difficult time.”
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