#Guelph Has Till May 29th on This Issue – Or Else!! 



City seeks public input on Riverside Park play space designPublic can provide comment until May 29!

Guelph, Ont., May 9, 2016 – The City is seeking public input to finalize the design for Riverside Park’s new play space.

Residents can provide comment until May 29, online or in person, on the design developed from the public feedback received during the vision and concept phases.

The design features a large tree house structure with multiple slides, climbers and spinners, a large wood water strider structure and log climber, a water table, a variety of swings in two areas, large group spinner, distinct junior area with slides, rubber hills and mounds, and a series of new trails.

The final design can be viewed online at guelph.ca/riversidepark or in person at City Hall, 1 Carden Street, or at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, located at 683 Woolwich Street. Comments are also accepted by phone at 519-837-5618 or by emailing rory.templeton@guelph.ca.

Last summer, residents voted on a preferred design concept from a variety of themes ranging from ships and castles to tree houses and nature inspired settings. Out of six concepts, the highest ranked designs—chosen by the public—were created by playground manufacturers ABC and Earthscape.

“This well-received engagement process involves residents deciding how they want the destination park to be equipped—ensuring the playground is not only used but loved,” says Rory Barr Templeton, the City’s landscape planner.

He goes on to explain, “Our original plan was to award the entire project to a single manufacturer, but during the concept phase it became apparent that to fulfill the community’s desires and vision for the park we needed to award the project to more than one manufacturer.”

With consultant MHBC driving the final draft design, ABC and Earthscape were approached to develop a new plan that combines the themes, elements and ideas residents and staff wanted the most and that could work within the approved budget.

“The collaborative result is a new design that stretches out into the park and beyond the existing play area. The design also takes advantage of the interesting slopes and spaces between the trees and provides a balance between natural and manufactured elements. Overall, the design is more integrated and responds to the site in a holistic and inclusive methodology,” says Templeton.

When choosing new playground equipment staff considers equipment that maximizes play value, diversity in play equipment, low-maintenance options, vandalism records, and available budget.

The design phase is one more opportunity for residents to suggest improvements and identify elements or ideas that are missing from the design before construction starts this summer. In June, staff will review all comments received from the design phase and they will be incorporated into the tender drawings.

The City is responsible for maintaining 87 park playgrounds and the existing aging playground equipment in Riverside Park is being replaced to ensure all play structures meet current Canadian Standards Association’s standards for children’s playspaces and equipment.

For more information:

Rory Barr Templeton

Landscape Planner, Development Planning

519-822-1260 extension 2436


8 responses to “#Guelph Has Till May 29th on This Issue – Or Else!! ”

  1. Kelly Avatar

    I like the concept but wish there could be more in the toddler area. A few swings and one hill slide is not enough. Uneven pedistals (but low to ground,) or a slightly wobbly bridge are great for practicing balance. I’ve seen these in the Beaches area of Toronto and they are wonderful. Also a tunnel is fantastic too.
    Plus I really wish there could be a splash pad. Guelph is really lacking compared to other cities in terms of updated splash pads.

  2. Robyn W. Avatar
    Robyn W.

    I like that children are able to use their imagination to play in these types of self-guided playgrounds. In the traditional structures the layout is set-up in such a way that there’s a preconceived concept about what type of play should go on. But the open structures at Exhibition Park and this concept are so open to interpretation. We love the Exhibition Park playground because it’s so natural and children are able to conquer all the challenges it offers. But I do agree with some of the comments I’ve seen that it’s not accessible to those with more special needs.

  3. martha Inglis Avatar
    martha Inglis

    Being a home-schooling family we utilize the riverside park play structures regularly and my youngest son LOVES riverside park.. he is not to Keen on Exhibition any more, its very hard to maneuver and not enough to play and climb with.. hoping that whatever happens in this play space that there will be something for everyone!

  4. Franceska Brennan Avatar
    Franceska Brennan

    Please enforce the leash rule in this area. How can dogs be allowed to run free from the enabling garden to the bridge ( including the playground)? There are small children in this area. Please keep the dogs on a leash and dog owners, please don’t let your dogs urinate on the playground equipment or close by where children play!

  5. queenbeemama Avatar

    Great design combo! Something for everyone & lots of different areas to play:) Kids are natural climbers and it’s nice to see lots of opportunity for exploring their capabilities! I like the natural elements and different surfaces to play on!

    One thing I feel would improve this design is a splash pad!! The water tables are nice but having a spot to cool down would be great! I’m sure this would blow the budget but I feel this would make it the ultimate Guelph park 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the transformation regardless!

  6. Greg Avatar

    Why is this park not accessible? Accessibility is not having parts of it that work and parts that don’t!! I tried to be involved in the process last summer and didn’t realize it was at this point right now. My family with my son cannot go there now and this is supposed to be a meeting point. The exhibition park is a nightmare for my family. Can changes still be made?????? This is terrible! I will be contacting people again and can’t believe that we can’t have something for everyone here. Please, please tell me changes are possible. I am very saddened to see this design.

  7. Laura Avatar

    Please just dont make this one anything like the exhibition park play structure one it’s horrible and my 3 year old can’t really even use it. the ones with ramps are easier to access and you need to have steering wheels by far his favorite thing about any playground and moving parts like the plastic beads or tic tac game he loves the tunnels and plane at riverside also it would be great if you could incorporate those in to the new one as well or just keep them there

  8. Mellissa Avatar

    Dislike this one extremely. Has elements of the Exhibition Park one and is so dangerous. We won’t be visiting. How come in a workplace setting you can only go so many feet in the air without being tied in but with kids playgrounds the higher the better with no concern for safety. In my opinion playgrounds are for 2 to 9 year olds because most older kids don’t want to play at the park. There is no need to make them so high. And if Guelph already has elements of this park at Exhibition why not something totally different.

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