Have a Business in #Guelph? Then Sign up Pronto! Please RT & Share!


Good afternoon,

Our Economic Development is introducing a new tool to communicate with business: the Mind Your Business monthly e-newsletter.

We all know that the business community is an important customer of the City, but we don’t always know how to reach out to them.

This new tool will do just that. It helps connect businesses to the information and news that is important to them, such as:

  • Opportunities to participate in municipal decisions that affect business
  • Impactful construction projects
  • Funding programs
  • New businesses announcements

What to do next?

  • Sign up for a monthly subscription.
  • Have a peek at previous editions of the e-newsletter.
  • Submit your news, and talk with your Communications Officer about using Mind Your Business as part of communication planning, all you need is a link to existing online content.

Please feel free to contact Christine with any questions and she’d be happy to help.

Christine Chapman, Marketing Coordinator

Economic Development, Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise
City of Guelph

519-822-1260 extension 2823

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