Nice to See The Old #Guelph Target Turning Into the New Walmart!

Walmart head office has told me they’re hopeful to be done all the renovations by the fall!

Good to see this vacant building snatched up so quickly so it can be put to good use and provide choice for consumers, taxes and employment to many!

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7 Comments on “Nice to See The Old #Guelph Target Turning Into the New Walmart!

  1. Smart move to put a Walmart in the southend. That side of town is ever expanding


  2. It will be so nice and convenient for me. Will save gas too, as I can’t afford to shop in other stores in the area, so am always going to Walmart at the north end. Will be great to just pop in there, on my way home from work. Wonder, exactly, when the grand opening is??


  3. It would have been nice to see a CANADIAN STORE take over Targets old space across from Stone Road Mall, like a CANADIAN COMPANY STORE, no other then GIANT TIGER!!! That would have kept EVERYTHING CANADIANS in that space. WAKE UP BIG BUSINESS OWNERS OF CANADA!!! Maybe next time!


  4. I met up with a sister and brother and their dog with my son and our dog a few days ago while out walking. I had no idea the young gal was starting a new job st the second Walmart opening where the old Target store was near Stone Road Mall. I brought up the subject of the new Walmart, and I was wondering when it was going to open. She mentioned to me it will be opening on Thirsday, August 4th 2016. So, please don’t quote me on that, but it seems their GRAND OPENING is almost upon us. I don’t mind Walmart at all, just saying a. CANADIAN BUSINESS would have kept IT CANADIAN is all! It would have been awesome for CANADIAN ECONOMY! Proud to be a True Blue Canadian! 🇨🇦


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