Retweet for #Guelph City Hall Galleria Art Event! June 3rd for @GuelphCVI Students! 

A Grade 12 ​Visual Arts group of students from Guelph Collegiate have worked hard towards curating, promoting and creating artwork for this art show. Their teacher, Barb, has been fortunate to work with some amazingly talented students who are dedicated to their work and their school.

During one of their visits to downtown they visited City Hall and inquired about renting the Galleria. 

These students have dedication and commitment towards having their show at City Hall. Not only are they amazing artists, but they are also great students of GCVI.

They put a lot of effort and action into the City Hall exhibition which included hours of personal time outside of school hours.

I encourage the whole community to come out and share in their brilliance.​


2 responses to “Retweet for #Guelph City Hall Galleria Art Event! June 3rd for @GuelphCVI Students! ”

  1. Ms Richter Avatar
    Ms Richter

    Really disappointed in the crappy location given to these students by City Hall for their Art Show!! The unfortunate part is the school had to pay for this space. You think for all the money the taxpayers paid for this building, it would more avaliable to the public. Poor job Mayor Guthrie!!

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      Wow. It is the students who begged to have it there. Wow.

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