@TimHortons #CampDay in #Guelph a Success! @GPSMedia @GryphonFootball


Many of the Tim Hortons invited me out yesterday along with our Guelph Police Services to work the counter and the drive thru! 

It was nice to see our officers also on the other side of the glass paying for bracelets and coffees to support the camps!

I can’t say enough great things about the Tim Hortons staff. Boy they do work their tails off! They have a system down to a fine art in each store! They are always smiling, laughing and making everyone feel so comfortable!  

I met one man going through the drive thru, that I handed a coffee to,  who told me that he had gone to one of the camps as a child and it turned his life around! What a story! It made my day!

Always nice to see the coach of the Gryphons Football Team supporting the camps as well! Way to go Kevin!


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