Hey #Guelph! The @GToolLibrary Needs Some Help!

I received this request from the Guelph Tool Library folks and thought I’d share it here:

Hi Guelph. Good news!

Our very own tool lending library is nearly ready to open its doors! General household tools, garden equipment, kitchen appliances, and art and craft tools will be available for anyone in Guelph to borrow for free with a $40 membership. Our star items so far are a large $600 table saw, a $1100 portable cider press and fruit crusher unit and a $1500 rototiller. We have wheelbarrows and dehydrators and rakes and more!

The Guelph Tool Library needs a bit of help though. We want to make a big push for donations to bolster the selection of goods you can borrow. Everyone has things they rarely use, gathering dust in a basement or garage. Why not share them? We’ll store and maintain them, and when you do need it, you can still borrow it!

The sort of things we’re seeking in good working order include art easels, blenders, sewing machines, power drills, post hole diggers, stockpots, slow cookers, pressure washers and appliance dollies.

Contact toollibrary@transitionguelph.org for item pickup. Support Guelph’s sharing economy!

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