#Guelph Celebrates #IHMOntario with Flag Raising! @ICCGuelph 

We are proud to celebrate Italian Heritage Month with the raising of the Italian flag.

The Ontario Government proclaimed June to be Italian Heritage Month. This is a way for us to recognize the many contributions and achievements of Italian Canadians.

This month is particularly special for Guelph – because Italians have played a huge role in shaping our city.

Guelph benefited from two major waves of Italian immigration – one in the early 1900’s and another in the 1950’s.

The Ward was home to many Italian immigrants – and that heritage can still be seen today in the neighbourhood, though it has become much more diverse.

Members of the Italian community are leaders in every sector of our city – industry and business; education; community organizations; and politics.

Our ties with Italy continue to this day through our twin city – La Castellana, Italy.

Guelph simply wouldn’t be the same, if it hadn’t been for the Italian immigrants who settled here so many years ago. And it wouldn’t be the same without the large and thriving Italian community that still calls Guelph home today.

Thank you to all members of Guelph’s Italian community – for all that you have done, and continue to do, to shape our city for the better.

Thank you!


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