#Guelph Helper Buses Coming July 4th! @GuelphTransit 

We’re making improvements to our summer service. We’ll be putting ‘helper’ buses out on the road starting July 4. These helper buses will be scheduled during peak service times, allowing the buses to stay on schedule and for passengers to connect at Guelph Central Station and the University Centre.

The helper buses will arrive at Guelph Central Station or the University Centre up to 10 minutes in advance of the regularly scheduled buses, in time to make transfer connections. The helper buses will generally depart before the regularly scheduled buses arrive at Guelph Central Station or the University Centre.
Catch a helper bus weekdays, July 4 – September 2:
10 Imperial 7:21 a.m.-5:40pm
11 Willow West 7:23 a.m.-11:37am and 2:23 p.m.-5:40 p.m.

13 Victoria Road Recreation Centre from 7:21 a.m.- 6:10 p.m.

The helper buses will also be used on other routes where there are ongoing service and connection issues. These buses will be put in service daily on Route 2A/B West Loop, 3B East Loop, 5A Gordon and 8 Stone Road Mall during peak times.  

The helper buses will provide drop-off service only at Guelph Central Station and at the University Centre. While providing service along a route, the helper bus will pick up and drop off any passengers who are waiting at the bus stop. These buses will also have the same destination sign as the regular buses, but the sign will change to ‘not in service’ when arriving at Guelph Central Station and the University Centre.
Helper buses will be out on the road weekdays, from July 4 to September 2. 
Regular weekday peak and off-peak service will return on September 6.

5 responses to “#Guelph Helper Buses Coming July 4th! @GuelphTransit ”

  1. Joshua Miller Avatar
    Joshua Miller

    I make complaints Everytime the bus is ten minutes late. Today I made another. What’s the point in helper buses if they regularly don’t work? I just missed my transfer downtown as I got here at 3:52. The bus was supposed to be at my stop for 3:31 but showed up at 3:42. I took the 16 southgate to downtown and beyond. . . I know that city hall wants to save money, as they only spent around $70 000 on the helper buses to save more money. Our mayor decided on another post to let that be known. I would like the mayor to explain to me how our residents can afford to live here if they do not have a reliable way around town such as to get to work. City hall needs to realize this when cutting services. Guelph transit supervisors as well as bus drivers need to do their job as well so that city hall doesn’t cut services. They constantly allow people and themselves to smoke inside the terminal where there is a no smoking policy/ bylaw. You allow cars to get away with driving inside your terminal when they could be ticketed easily. A camera could be utilized to do such. Instead of thinking both city hall and Guelph transit are helping get real. You did nothing but put a bandaid over something that needs stitches. If Guelph transit had the balls to actually call back and deal with their superiors than I wouldn’t have such an issue. Remember government works for the people not the other way around!

  2. Andrew Avatar

    The only issue is that when I am on the bus some drivers get to downtown and they tell us that they are not allowed to be at the terminal until the others had left. Thats not righr that they would get in trouble for letting us be on time. Ive had a driver say that he was sorry hes not allowed to let us make our transfers or he gets dissaplined by management for it.

  3. Crystal Timmings Avatar

    I don’t bus in Guelph but my daughter does. The bus system in Guelph is terrible. She has had to turn down a job because of the times the bus runs. The shift started at 7 am and because of how late the buses start in the morning and the ridiculously long routes she would not be able to get there in time. I imagine this must be an issure for many people as there are so many companys that start day shift at 7 am and depending where you live in Guelph you can’t make it.

  4. Manny Avatar

    I don’t really understand why you would cut service and than add buses? How is that saving money? Why cut service at all? Just keep same service and same amount of buses… Unless the whole reason to cut service was to be able to afford these buses. Still seems silly to me.

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      Savings at budget was over $700,000. To help with this initiative it is $75,000.

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