Grand Reopening of Angels Diner in #Guelph! Congrats!

As many would have known, Angels Diner closed down for quite a while to undergo a major renovation to better serve its customers and their staff.

My family found out the hard way a couple of months ago when we drove down to have a bite and found the doors locked! Ha ha!

Must say it was definitely worth the wait! My goodness it looks great and they still know I like my bacon crispy!

Even the outside signage was redone!

Owner Chris Kyriacou and staff have reopened now and I was pleased to bring greetings on behalf of the city to them and to congratulate them on a successful investment into their business!

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  1. G R E A T ! I was afraid they had left town based on the idea from City Hall of tearing down the plaza. Is that still on the books?

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