Thank You #Guelph! @CityOfGuelph Celebrates #TheHip in @DowntownGuelph 

I want to thank everyone who came downtown tonight to celebrate the CBC Tragically Hip live stream show! The weather was big-time-iffy and staff where put in a difficult situation trying to balance what has been a month long build up of excitement for an outdoor showing, with the safety of people and equipment if a thunderstorm rolled through. Yet staff, (with maybe a bit of arm-twisting), decided to give it a go outside! Thank goodness they did! By my estimate there has to have been around 2-3,000 people at Market Square! 

​​The opening acts were also great! Local singer song writer Myke Rush & The Speakeasies!

And here’s the Speakeasies!

The local cancer society was on hand taking donations and I thank all of you who donated to this worthy cause!

Well, what a night! We have a wonderful, caring community and we came together for an evening with mixed emotions, and I wouldn’t have wanted to share it with anyone else!

One Comment on “Thank You #Guelph! @CityOfGuelph Celebrates #TheHip in @DowntownGuelph 

  1. God Bless Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip and Guelph and all their fans!
    We love you!!!!!!! Your music will never die!! Please give to cancer research. Peace.

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