#Guelph Employee of the Day Award Goes to Eric!! @CityOfGuelph 

Great job Eric going above and beyond!!! Let’s all take time to thank our city employees more often!!


5 Comments on “#Guelph Employee of the Day Award Goes to Eric!! @CityOfGuelph 

  1. Cam is this a first and is it based on our discussion this morning? It would have been nice if my special person would have been the first to be feted like this or is that your plan for him anyways? Great photo op with me, my bins and my guy with a story behind it or better yet a City Council meeting presentation (we need a golden bin to present to City workers in the waste department–our own academy awards),


  2. Eric used to be our collector and we loved him!! Such a nice man!! We miss him on our street!


  3. Eric.
    Thanks for such great memories. You go above and beyond in your job everyday. When my kids were little they would wait for you at the end of the driveway just to say Hi. You showed such patience and my son who is now 19 still remembers when you gave him a tour of your truck. He was only 4 at the time.


  4. My son was so mad when we moved and Eric was NOT our garbage man any more. Took him months to forgive me!


  5. Just a super guy! Always has a smile and a wave when I see him on his route.

    Way to go, Eric! 👍


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