I Caught Up With “Eric The Garbage Man” Today to Say Thank You! #Guelph

As many of you would have seen or heard over the last few days, Eric was recognized for helping out a very young lady throw her soothers out as she did not need them anymore!

So, I thought I’d go and personally thank him for his wonderful attitude and customer service, and when I arrived to do so, I was surprised to be able to jump in the truck and go with him for an hour to see first hand what he does day in and day out! He’s been doing this since 1997!

We are a city that makes a difference and Eric does that on a daily basis for our community!
Since that story broke, Eric has been talked about all over town, on social media and was featured on 106.7fm radio today! 

I asked Eric if he had read the comments people had left about him on my blog and he hadn’t. So I thought I’d read them out to him!

As I’ve said often, and it’s a good reminder to myself too, let us thank our city employees for the good job they are doing! 

Many people can learn from someone like Eric,  I know I did!

Have a great weekend everyone!


5 responses to “I Caught Up With “Eric The Garbage Man” Today to Say Thank You! #Guelph”

  1. Michelle Bolton Avatar
    Michelle Bolton

    My kids always looked forward to the days when Eric would come by! They waited at the window and went outside to say hi because he always waved to them and said hi! At Christmas he brought them candy canes to the door. A man that always goes above and beyond…well worth the article! You are the best Eric! You deserve it 🙂 GO GUELPH 🙂

  2. Sheila Loucks Avatar
    Sheila Loucks

    When I was at my daughter’s on Buckthorn, Eric would ALWAYS wave at the kids when he came by. They looked so forward to seeing him each week. He was AWESOME!! He also brought them candy canes at Christmas!!! He deserves a lot of credit for what he does!

  3. Georgina Proctor Avatar
    Georgina Proctor

    Eric is such a wonderful young man. So thoughtful, and caring!!
    Thank you Eric for all you do. I didn’t surprise me that you would help out this young girl.. You have a great heart! ❤️
    Georgina and Jim Proctor

  4. Sorensen Avatar

    This is so like Eric….I lived the next road over from him while growing up. Our parents were both Danish so they became friends. Eric would stop over out of the blue to help my mom with whatever she needed on our horse farm. As a child I thought that was strange but nice. I often thought why would a young teenager take time to help a lady out. This is something that we don’t see very often any more. He was a giving person then and it looks like he still is. Keep it up Eric!


  5. krekker Avatar

    So cool. Way to go, Eric. Way to go, Cam. Way to go, Guelph. Our kids loved the garbage truck – it was the highlight of my eldest son’s week to run out and greet it. Our collector was fantastic too, although I forget his name now. This story reminded me of when our younger son was ready to get rid of ‘blankie’ and he threw it into the garbage truck! 🙂

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