$15k Raised for Ovarian Cancer #Guelph #WalkForHer @OvarianCancer

Today marked the inaugural walk for Ovarian Cancer in Guelph! It was a beautiful morning to meet at the Arboretum and gather with those who are walking for friends, loved ones, themselves, for ones dealing with this disease, for funding research, bringing awareness and to remember those who have unfortunately lost the battle. 

I’d like to recognize all the volunteers who have spent an incredible amount of time preparing for the walk! 

I also met Jim and Frances today! They’re pictured at the top of this post. Jim has been working on research for ovarian cancer for 18years. He works at the University of Guelph and he was telling me that one of the main problems with this type of cancer is not being able to detect it early on. It’s so very nice to know that money raised for this worthy cause could actually be going to be used on research right here in our home town.

Frances was the rock behind today’s event! I was so very honoured to meet her today. She is a survivor and I could tell she was so very happy to see many out to support the first walk!

Thank you for inviting me today to bring greetings on behalf of the city and thank you to everyone who walking today brought awareness to this important issue!


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