Now Let’s Walk To @EndPKD #Guelph! #WalkForPKD #GuelphWalkForPKD

One of the great things about being mayor is that it is a job where you are continually  learning! You can learn more about this issue here: 

Today I learned about Polycystic Kidney Disease.

Here is a banner at today’s walk that I hope brings awareness and facts for you to know:

Now here’s something that upset me today, there’s drugs available to help people cope with this disease but guess what? It’s $200 a day and not covered currently through OHIP.  The Province should seriously be looking into this issue!

It was great to see different teams out today! Some from Guelph but even some traveled from Brampton or other cities!

Jeff and Carrie brought beautiful greetings on behalf of the organization and I’d like to thank Ann for inviting me to the event!

They also had a nice BBQ and a table full of great auction items! They raised $7,000!

On behalf of the city I thank you for bringing attention to this disease and wish you all the best for next years walk! 


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