New #GuelphBudget VIDEO! It’s Your City -It’s Your Money – #Guelph!

Please check out this short VIDEO introduction to kick off our budget season!

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3 responses to “New #GuelphBudget VIDEO! It’s Your City -It’s Your Money – #Guelph!”

  1. Bob Avatar

    Interesting concept, I will( if available) follow future in depth videos, thanks for providing the service

  2. Elisa Baggio Avatar
    Elisa Baggio

    Thank you for making this public and allowing us to be informed and voice our opinions before the budget comes out

    1. Barry Avatar

      Most of the web site is not ready for us to comment on so not sure where you found the place that we can voice our opinions. Please let me know where it is. The main video was more promotional rather then give citizens the place to comment. When the meat of the budget is posted with some real issues then we will have our say I presume and hopefully with guidance on where to do it.

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