Thumbs Up!  #Guelph Just Recieved $7.6 Million Dollars For Infrastructure! 

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Guelph to receive $7.6 million from Clean Water Wastewater Fund for infrastructure
Guelph, Ont., September 13, 2016–Earlier today, the Honourable Bob Chiarelli, Ontario Minister of Infrastructure, and the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities named Guelph among the seven Ontario communities approved to date to receive infrastructure funding through the Clean Water Wastewater Fund (CWWF).
The City is to receive $5,047,890 in federal and $2,523,945 in provincial funding for three major infrastructure projects—reconstruction of Metcalfe Street, maintenance of two stormwater management ponds, and upgrades to Guelph’s snow disposal facility—that support clean drinking water, efficient wastewater systems, and healthy rivers and lakes.  
“This funding is a testament to the collaboration and positive relationships built among all three levels of government,” said Mayor Cam Guthrie. “It will help with Guelph’s infrastructure gap, enabling us to build much-needed infrastructure at a fraction of the cost to local property taxpayers. On behalf of City Council, I want to thank the federal and provincial governments for their investment in Guelph.”
The City’s portion of the $10,095,780 total cost for the three projects is 25 per cent or $2,523,945. Of this, $290,000 is available through the City’s existing capital budget and the remaining $2,233,945 will be budgeted through the City’s tax- and non-tax-supported capital reserves, pending Council approval. 
“The City is committed to take full advantage of federal and provincial funding opportunities to meet the needs of our community while helping to address the city’s growing infrastructure gap,” said Derrick Thomson, the City’s chief administrative officer. “Months of preparation and advocacy by City staff has paved the way for today’s great news and anticipated future infrastructure investment in Guelph.”
 The Clean Water Wastewater Fund is one of several federal and provincial opportunities the City is pursuing to help fund Guelph’s shovel-ready infrastructure projects.

A local funding announcement for media is scheduled for September 23. Details to come.
About Guelph’s CWWF projects
Stormwater Management Pond Maintenance
Municipalities are facing stormwater management challenges including climate-driven changes and aging infrastructure. Guelph’s stormwater infrastructure needs upgrades and repairs. Maintenance work is required on two of the City’s critical stormwater management facilities including the removal of accumulated sediment.

Snow Disposal Facility Upgrade
The City’s existing Snow Disposal Facility requires upgrades to meet provincial best practices and ensure Guelph’s groundwater is protected. Improvements to the facility may include an asphalt or clay base, drainage and settling ponds, fencing and security/access improvements.

Metcalfe Street Reconstruction
Reconstruction of a 1.2 kilometre stretch of Metcalfe Street from Speedvale Avenue to Eramosa Road to improve municipal water supply to citizens and businesses in the north end of Guelph, alleviate historical flooding and replace aging underground infrastructure (water, wastewater and storm). This new infrastructure will improve municipal water supply in the North end of Guelph and provide a direct line from the well to the watermain that supplies the Guelph General Hospital. The direct line reduces water supply risks.

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  1. Barry Avatar

    I am still waiting Cam for an answer to my questions on storm water pond site locations. And earlier queries on Nestles and how many staff have hydrology or hydrogeology experience to make their suggestions on our use of our aquifer given current and future droughts versus expansion of the City are also unanswered.

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      This type of request is more detailed in nature. Please send to

      1. Barry Avatar

        And I thank you for doing that for me!!

  2. Barry Avatar

    Where are your two storm water management ponds located that need maintenance? I also understand that the sediment accumulated and removal could be an issue which also could lead to toxics and/or contaminants in the sediment having to be removed and the sediment disposed of but at what additional cost to the taxpayer would this be.

    1. Marcia Avatar

      any start is a good start! well done

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