Food Truck Zoning Updates in #Guelph! Who’s Hungry?

Council approves zoning bylaw update to permit food vehicles in Guelph

Guelph, Ont., September 13, 2016 – Last night, Council approved an update to the zoning bylaw to permit the operation of food vehicles in Guelph.

“The updated zoning bylaw allows food trucks to operate throughout areas in Guelph that were previously off limits, such as park, commercial, industrial and institutional zones,” says Abby Watts, policy planner with the City of Guelph.

The updated zoning bylaw is subject to a 20-day appeal period in accordance with the Planning Act. If no appeal is filed, the new bylaw will be in effect.

The zoning bylaw’s definition of food vehicles includes food trucks in addition to food trailers and food carts.

The food vehicle zoning bylaw update is part of a larger approach to food vehicles in Guelph. Other related initiatives include a downtown food vehicle pilot, the development of guidelines for food truck operations in City parks, and a review of Guelph’s Business Licensing Bylaw.

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