@UofG Makes Good on Energy Efficiency, Environment & Economic Benefits in #Guelph! #GreenGyphon 

This water chiller pictured above cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of $24 million dollars. But it’s already saving the University roughly $2.5 million a year in operating costs. Further to that, its operation is equivalent to almost 7 mega-watts or about 1500-1600 homes now running off-grid in our community. 


They had a business case. Broad support from faculty and students. They built it. They’re seeing instant savings and environmental benefits. That’s how it’s done folks! That’s how it’s done.

The minister of energy, Glenn Thibeault was on hand to make the announcement today of funds towards the project and the Green Gryphon sustainability and innovation campaign which started on campus. 

Joining him was U of G President Franco Vaccarino,  MPP Liz Sandals, Pankaj Sardana from Guelph Hydro and many more!

One last thing, yet again there were remarks made about our Guelph city building department staff telling everyone how great they were to work with and how they were able to keep things on schedule! Well done to our city staff!


2 responses to “@UofG Makes Good on Energy Efficiency, Environment & Economic Benefits in #Guelph! #GreenGyphon ”

  1. Barry Avatar

    Again Academia trumps Politics. So is the City going to try the same thing but on a broader scale and in different parts of the City?

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      Not thought of at this point.

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