#Guelph Article on Proposed Bridge to Honour Veterans:

Photo credit: Chris Seto – Guelph Mercury Tribune 

Good overview article from Guelph Mercury Tribune on my notice of motion coming forward to council for consideration. Article is found HERE.

If you’re interested in showing support, please email clerks@guelph.ca or your individual councillors.

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4 responses to “#Guelph Article on Proposed Bridge to Honour Veterans:”

  1. James A Walke Avatar
    James A Walke

    I have said it before and I will say it again — the bridge that should be dedicated is the Allan Railway Bridge. It was over this bridge that all our veterans went to war and came back from the war. The Steam Locomotive that pulled the trains is located right near by.

  2. Paul mahony Avatar
    Paul mahony

    Absolutely a great idea. It’s a place everyone sees coming into downtown from the south end. Super good time also. 100th anniversary of vimy Ridge.

  3. James Walke Avatar
    James Walke

    I think the idea of honouring our veterans with a ‘bi way’ or ‘ highway’ is completely appropriate, but I think the memorial, if possible, should incorporate the history it honours. In this particular case I would suggest the Train Bridge heading East out of Guelph over MacDonell and Woolwich and Wellington — Where John Galt cut down the Maple Tree, Founding Guelph. That Bridge carried the locomotive that sits across from the train station as a monument itself, and that locomotive carried innumerable men from Guelph and beyond to the front lines and trenches in Europe. If there is a bridge that should be dedicated to honour our veterans, it is I believe that Bridge that now carries VIA, GO and Freight. That’s my choice for a memorial bridge. It is a junction point where Guelph was founded and where Guelph stood up and sent it’s finest off to war to fight for the freedoms we today take for granted. So if there is to be a veterans Memorial Bridge to Honour Veterans, my vote is for Allan’s Railway Bridge. Many Guelph youth left on that bridge to die in a foreign land. Many crossed back over that bridge wounded physically and mentally. Allan’s Bridge. What can I say?

  4. Patricia Smith Avatar
    Patricia Smith

    This is a great idea. Guelph is proud of its military heritage, and respects its many sons and daughters that have served our country, and Lt. Colonel John McCrae. A wonderful visible tribute to all of them in the Tradition of Remembrance. Make it happen!

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