#Guelph Water, Waste-Water & Storm Water Info Effective Jan 1st, 2017


Guelph, ON, December 13, 2016—Guelph’s 2017 stormwater, water and wastewater rates take effect January 1. This is the first year that Stormwater Services will be funded through a service fee, rather than property taxes. These rates were approved by Council on November 3 as part of the non-tax supported budget.

Approved rates effective January 1, 2017

Recommended rates and fees 2016 2017 change
Water volume – $/cubic metre (m3) $1.59 $1.67 $0.08
Water basic – $/day $0.26 $0.26 $0.00
Wastewater volume – $/cubic metre (m3) $1.73 $1.80 $0.07
Wastewater basic – $/day $0.32 $0.32 $0.00
Stormwater service fee – $/month $2.36 $4.00 $1.64

The approved 2017 rates mean an approximate annual increase of $46 for the average three–person household. This is based on the average water consumption for a three-person household of 180 cubic metres, and the average monthly amount paid per household for stormwater services through property taxes in 2016.

These rates reflect the City’s commitment to effectively manage stormwater runoff, deliver a safe and sustainable water supply, and optimize wastewater services. The main driver of the rate increases is the need to replace or upgrade aging infrastructure.

Water and Wastewater rates

Residential water conservation efforts, an infrastructure leak detection and repair program, and wastewater optimization projects continue to contribute to lower than forecasted water and wastewater rate increases. This helps keep Guelph among the average for water rate charges when compared to a number of other Ontario municipalities.

Residents and businesses can decrease their water bills by reducing the amount of water they use. The City offers a variety of resources to assist residents and local businesses conserve water and reduce their water and wastewater bills.

For more information on water and wastewater rates, and for water conservation programs and tips, visit guelph.ca/water.

Stormwater service fee

Stormwater management helps protect our community from floods and pollution in our rivers. Like many other municipalities, Guelph is faced with the problem of aging infrastructure, climate-driven changes and increasing hard surfaces. The stormwater service fee will provide dedicated funding for this critical service. (Removed funding historically from property taxes, over to new fee. Not taking from both).

The City is currently exploring options for a stormwater credit program to provide property owners with opportunities to reduce stormwater runoff on private property for a credit towards the stormwater service fee they pay.

For more information about stormwater services and the credit program study, visit guelph.ca/stormwater.

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  1. Barry Avatar

    Also I am glad to see you back on the Mayor’s blog with news and updates for our citizens.

  2. Barry Avatar

    I didn’t realize in 2016 that a storm water fee was in place. So basically you are increasing the charge to home owners by $1.64/mo. for 2017. What did Guelph do with the money from this year?

  3. davidtstarr Avatar

    Cam, this is in effect another tax increase!

    City spending has to be cut!

    More city revenue will not fix work. It hasn’t since Karen was elected. don’t you fall into that mind set, please.

    David Starr

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