#Guelph Improves Online Access to More Than 40 Services


Visit “I want to” at guelph.ca to access City’s most popular online services

Guelph, Ont., Thursday, December 15, 2016 – Today, the City of Guelph introduced a new way to access its most popular digital services and released two new online tools.

In January, 2016, the City asked Guelph citizens what online services would make their lives or businesses better. Of the 44 ideas that citizens contributed, the following were selected based on feasibility, departmental readiness and cost.

I want to: A central hub to find more than 40 of the City’s most popular online services. The services listed will change each season based on what’s new and used the most. “I want to” is available on the homepage of guelph.ca. Read more…

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