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Residential plow out scheduled for January 10 in Guelph – Residents asked to move parked cars off streets.

Guelph, Ont., January 10, 2017 – A residential plow out is scheduled to start at about 2:30 p.m. today, and will continue until all roads are plowed.

Typically a plow out is completed within 24 hours. Drivers returning home this evening may discover a windrow at the base of the driveway or that the road has not yet been plowed.

To accommodate the plow out, residents are asked to move parked vehicles off streets to allow plows to pass.

The City reminds residents of the following to stay safe during the snow storms:
· Allow for extra commute times and drive according to road conditions.
· Please be patient with sidewalk clearing operations. If you’re able, please help clear sidewalks near your property. Seniors and residents with a physical disability who require assistance shovelling can call Snow Angels at 519-822-1155.
· Keep fire hydrants clear of snow.
· Do not place waste carts on top of snow banks or on the road as these pose obstacles to the City’s snow clearing operations. Instead shovel a spot for your carts, or place them in the driveway one foot from the curb.
· Help keep storm drains and catch basins clear to prevent flooding.
· To keep roads safe and accessible, do not park across from another vehicle or driveway, and whenever possible, move parked cars off the streets to make room for snowplows.
Get tips on driving safely at: and parking information at
The City’s winter maintenance service helps ensure community safety every day, and in the event of extreme weather. The minimum threshold for a plow out is eight centimetres.
Please wait 12 hours after the end of a storm to report a road snow or ice issue, and 48 hours for a sidewalk snow or ice issue. Use the “How can we help you?” section on or call 519-837-5628 and include your name, contact information and the exact location.
Continue to check, Facebook and Twitter for updates about City services that might be affected by the weather including recreation programming, public transit, and garbage pickup.

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