#Guelph Traffic Lights Getting LED Bulbs To Save Energy & Your Money!


First LED traffic signal replacements underway since original upgrade in 2006

LED upgrades paid off faster than anticipated!

Guelph, Ont., January 18, 2017—The City of Guelph is starting the first city-wide replacement of LED traffic signal bulbs since they were installed over 10 years ago. The City expected a four­–year payback period from the LED traffic signal upgrades, but saw a much shorter, two­–year payback period, and continues to see operational savings every year.

“The City has saved 90 per cent a year on energy costs for traffic signal operation since we replaced incandescent bulbs with LED lighting,” said Steve Anderson, Supervisor of Traffic Engineering with the City.

Previously, traffic signal bulbs had to be replaced twice a year. LED lights are generally maintenance free for 7-10 years, which reduces operational costs for bulbs and replacement work, and cuts down on the amount of waste produced.

“The original city-wide, traffic signal upgrade to LEDs is consistent with our Corporate Energy Program despite preceding it by several years,” said Alex Chapman, the City’s Corporate Energy Program manager “These upgraded traffic signals have provided inspiration elsewhere in the City, such as our current study of LED street lighting technology.”

Replacement work for 2017:

The City has hired Reyner Electrical Construction Inc. to replace all LED lights at Guelph’s 188 signalized intersections. Only the red, yellow and green signal bulbs are being replaced; no changes are being made to the traffic signal structures or positions and there will be no noticeable change to traffic signals.

“We expect that Reyner will replace all 3,734 signal bulbs this year,” noted Anderson. “Replacement timing will depend on weather and contractor schedules.”

The total replacement project cost is about $162,000.

Minimal traffic impacts:

The City does not expect traffic signal operation to be interrupted during signal bulb replacement work. There will be lane reductions at intersections where signal bulbs are being replaced to accommodate bucket trucks, but traffic flow will be maintained. Police traffic control assistance will be used as needed.

Signal bulb replacements at major Guelph intersections will be completed outside of peak traffic times such as morning and afternoon rush hours.

Pedestrian signals:

“We’re not replacing pedestrian signals at this time, however, the City has received funding for this work and will begin retrofitting these signals to include countdown timers later this year,” explained Anderson.

4 responses to “#Guelph Traffic Lights Getting LED Bulbs To Save Energy & Your Money!”

  1. Peter Jaspers-Fayer Avatar
    Peter Jaspers-Fayer

    Signal lights are insignificant compared with street lights. Around January 2016, there was talk of replacing STREET LIGHTS with LED. Samples were installed around Edinburgh & Cedar, etc.

    http://guelph.ca/living/environment/energy/led/ says replacement would start around now. I have seen nothing further on this. Is the project still underway? What timetable?

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      Yes project is still being worked on!

  2. Eloy Yabut Avatar
    Eloy Yabut

    Way to go Mayor Cam Guthrie. Energy cost savings and maintenance free the best way to alleviate some of the energy consumption produced by our traffic signal bulbs. Hopefully our street lighting will be next one to be replaced from high pressure sodium (HPS) to LED lighting.

  3. Mike Darmon Avatar
    Mike Darmon

    Replacing street lighting with LED bulbs seems like a no brainer .Better yet go for a smart system that is programmed to communicate to sensors to make streets safer for pedestrians walkers and motorists.
    This is where we will see huge energy savings and quick payback
    Mike Darmon

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