Organizational Changes Made To #Guelph City Hall Department:

Guelph, Ont., March 14, 2017– The City of Guelph’s Infrastructure, Development, and Enterprise (IDE) Services area has undergone some minor realignments to reflect current organizational needs and the direction set out in the Corporate Administrative Plan, unveiled in 2016. 

The adjustments allow for the creation of a new position to focus on downtown renewal—namely, real estate transactions in the downtown core. This new position will add much-needed capacity in an area that will advance considerable work over the next few years including the downtown secondary plan.

The City also plans to hire a project manager to oversee implementation of the Parking Master Plan by shifting a current vacancy from one department to another. This work will accommodate downtown population and employment growth targets through the creation of an additional 1,300 to 1,700 parking spaces are needed by 2031. 

The moves also reflect the City’s evolving role in community energy, which moves from a ‘community oversight’ to ‘community support’ role. In light of this, the City is saying goodbye to its former Manager of Community Energy, Rob Kerr, who has been integral to the Community Energy Initiative’s (CEI) creation and implementation. An evolving focus on the effects of climate change on municipal services and infrastructure will see the creation of a climate change office, which will be part of the Facilities Management department.

 “Like all organizations, cities need to be responsive to changing priorities, and ensure resources are deployed where they’re most needed,” says IDE’s Deputy CAO Scott Stewart. “These adjustments are the right ones to make now to enable us to continue delivering high quality public service to citizens.”

All adjustments will be accommodated within existing budgets.

 IDE houses the following departments:

· Business Development and Enterprise

· Engineering and Capital Infrastructure Services
· Environmental Services
· Planning, Urban Design and Building Services
· Facilities Management
· Project Management Office

For more information:

Scott Stewart, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer

Infrastructure, Development, and Enterprise Services

519-822-1260 extension 3445

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  1. I appreciate the approach taken by Scott Stewart on many issues. He appears to be a straight shooter, practical and no nonsense. Just what this city needs!

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