#Guelph Art Project Sends Important Message of Welcoming Newcomers!

I just had a wonderful meeting with University of Guelph masters student Hiba Abdallah today!

She will be having an art project coming up on May 4th hosted at the Art Gallery of Guelph on Gordon Street to showcase these signs and shirts and more!

She has created a sign that people can use to put up in their windows or doors that say “Welcome to Guelph!” You then sign a hospitality contract to maintain the sign and keep it up for 365 days!

I also purchased a shirt that says “Something written in Arabic”

Hiba and I had a great chat about how welcoming Guelph is to refugees and newcomers. Throughout her art project she’s been astonished how Guelph could really teach others outside of us how to embrace those coming from outside Canada and landing in this city!

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