Thanks #Guelph! It’s Clear, The Citizens Want Online Voting To Stay! Please Share!

Over the last 24 hours an avalanche of emails have swept into my office respectfully requesting the 7 councillors who voted against using online voting in 2018 to change their mind.

Online voting was a resounding success in 2014. 12,800 citizens voted which was almost 33% of the overall vote and here was no known fraud or misuse of the system. The latest poll done of Guelph citizens in March showed overwhelming support for continued use of this system in 2018.

These letters aren’t fill in the blank “canned letters” or from online petition sites. No. These are real emails from real people with real stories on how online voting helped them make their voice heard in the last election no matter which candidate they were supporting.

Stories of people who had unforeseen medical emergencies and were bed-ridden yet able to participate in our local democracy. People with disabilities who were now able to vote for the first time. People who were out of the country on work but able to make their vote count. The young mother who has the incredibly busy life of work, kids and family but able to take the time to put an “X” online beside the candidate of her choice.

The majority of the citizens of Guelph are not buying into the vocal minority who are instilling fear, unfounded conspiracy theories, dangling “what-if” scenarios and tactics that appear to try and suppress our citizens votes and voices.

This is your moment to stand up and speak up Guelph! You must take the time to email your Councillors to let us know that you want online voting to stay in place for 2018. 

The following councillors voted to STOP online voting in 2018:

Bob Bell –

James Gordon –

Phil Allt –

June Hofland –

Mike Salisbury –

Leanne Piper –

Karl Wettstein-

If you email to your email will join the other many emails pouring in to form part of the report that goes to council on April 24th for the final vote on this issue.

Feel free to copy me:

Don’t forget to share this post, email this post to friends and family and talk about how our ability to make voting accessible for all is under attack!

Thank you again Guelph for standing up and speaking out!


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    Ann Meredith

    Do you think they are catching the paranoid disease from you know where?

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