Huge Day for #Guelph! High Speed Rail Stop Identified for Our City! #GuelphProud

High speed rail will unlock extraordinary new opportunities for Guelph:

Guelph, Ont., May 19, 2017 – Mayor Cam Guthrie is applauding the inclusion of Guelph as a station stop on a proposed high-speed rail line along the Toronto-Windsor corridor.

A Guelph stop is included in a report from David Collenette, Ontario’s Special Advisor on high speed rail. The report notes that high speed rail could cut travel time between Guelph and Toronto to a minimum of 39 minutes.

Today, the Province released the report and announced it is moving ahead with preliminary design work on the project as well as a comprehensive environmental assessment. The proposed stops include Windsor, Chatham, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, and Toronto, with a connection to Pearson International Airport.

“This is the culmination of more than a year of work to literally put Guelph on the map for high speed rail,” said Mayor Guthrie. “Two years ago, a Guelph stop was not on the table. Together with our MPP Liz Sandals, the Chamber of Commerce, and the University of Guelph, our city made a compelling case to Mr. Collenette and the Province for a stop in our city. I want to thank the Province for listening and being receptive when Guelph came knocking.”

In February 2016, the Mayor attended a roundtable discussion on high speed rail hosted by Mr. Collenette in Kitchener, along with the CEO of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce and the Vice-President External of the University of Guelph. Mayor Guthrie asked Mr. Collenette about the possibility of a Guelph stop on the line. Two months later, Mr. Collenette came to Guelph City Hall to meet with Mayor Guthrie and City staff to discuss the feasibility of a Guelph stop further. On May 30, 2016, Guelph City Council passed a resolution endorsing in principle the inclusion of an alignment through and stop in Guelph for consideration in the Toronto to Windsor high speed rail report.

In the months since, the Mayor, City staff, and MPP Sandals continued to make the case for a Guelph stop, as Mr. Collenette studied its feasibility. Mr. Collenette’s report recommends a stop in Guelph at Guelph Central Station, noting that this is an integrated station with local and inter-city bus and rail transit services.

 “Imagine getting to downtown Toronto in 39 minutes, and Pearson International Airport in 23 minutes – all while avoiding the traffic of the 401. This would unlock extraordinary opportunities for jobs, economic development, and quality of life in our city. High speed rail would revolutionize residents’ ability to travel to Toronto – and west to Waterloo Region and London – quickly, safely, and easily,” said Mayor Guthrie.

 The Chamber of Commerce and University of Guelph were equally pleased with the news.

“Today’s announcement is an important step forward in further unlocking the economic potential in communities like Guelph, as a leading jurisdiction in Canada and noted jobs powerhouse, Guelph is well positioned to leverage the opportunities this announcement will have in bolstering regional economic development, helping to attract top talent and improving interconnectivity options,” says Kithio Mwanzia, President & CEO, Guelph Chamber of Commerce.  

University of Guelph President Franco Vaccarino added, “This is wonderful news for the University of Guelph and greater Guelph region. Connecting the Toronto-Guelph-Waterloo innovation corridor in this way will help us attract and retain talented researchers and promote collaboration among leading businesses and experts. It will enhance our global competitiveness in fields such as agri-food, clean technology, digital technology and health/biosciences.” 
It is expected to take several years for the high speed rail environmental assessment work to be complete. In the meantime, the Province has pledged to continue its proposed delivery of two-way, all-day GO rail service between Toronto and Waterloo Region, with a stop at Guelph Central Station.
The Special Advisor’s final report can be viewed on the Province of Ontario’s website HERE.
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6 responses to “Huge Day for #Guelph! High Speed Rail Stop Identified for Our City! #GuelphProud”

  1. Patrick Avatar

    As a long time resident of Guelph I think this is just fantastic news as a daily commuter. It takes me 3 times as long to commute right now. I’ll be curious to see what this two level track will look like and what the price is going to be. Very exciting for the City and it’s residents!

  2. David Avatar

    Great first step however I suspect we will see flying cars (which is very much a reality) before we would see high speed rail in place. This project will come with a ton of political baggage and is still in its amoeba stage. If we want this project to move forward the government needs to step out and have the private sector move in, therwise I suspect this project plan will leave with Wynne, which will be soon

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      The plan specifically states the private sector needs to be involved.

  3. Darija Nelson Avatar
    Darija Nelson

    I don’t think people are realizing what this will actually do to Guelph. Especially those people living in them one beautiful century homes mentioned. A raised track would not work and those closures mentioned would cut the city in two. Please do not do this to our city.

  4. Tom beale Avatar
    Tom beale

    Wonderful news. Now we have to see if it is real or just Liberal smoke and mirrors. Pity it couldn’t be sooner, but I guess that the cancelled Gas Plants got in the way.

  5. Shawn Marsh Avatar
    Shawn Marsh

    Fantastic!!! Well done Mr Mayor!!!

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