We Heard You #Guelph! So We’re Changing @GuelphTransit!

Guelph Transit is changing to get you on board!

New routes! 

Special fares! 

Improved customer service!

Guelph, Ont., May 26, 2017 – Guelph Transit is excited to announce a number of new and exciting initiatives!  

“Guelph Transit continually is looking for opportunities to provide our customers with the very best in customer service, customer amenities and community engagement,” says Mike Spicer, general manager for Guelph Transit. “Our goal is to provide the very best service where and when you need us most, and help you get to the places and events that matter to you. These latest changes are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our service, and encourage our community to make transit one of the ways of travelling in Guelph!”
Mobility service improvements

Effective Thursday, June 1, residents who are eligible for Mobility Service will have a new option to receive automated telephone calls that will provide a reminder for their pre-booked trip.
Look for an information letter that Guelph Transit will send out to all registered Mobility customers in the next few weeks explaining the new service and asking customers if they would like to opt-in for this great new service.  
“One of the benefits of this service is the option to receive an automated call 15 minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up,” explains Spicer. “If the bus is running a bit head or behind schedule the 15 minute call ensures that customers have the time needed to be ready before the bus arrives.”
Other automated calls include trip confirmation (received after a trip is booked through the mobility office) and one day prior notification (a call one day prior to your scheduled pick-up).
September route changes
As a result of the community outreach and feedback received in April on the proposed September route realignment, Guelph Transit made several adjustments to the overall transit system. These changes, along with all proposed routes, will be presented to the City’s Committee of the Whole on June 6.
The route realignment will help alleviate some of the concerns faced by the current system: nearly empty buses in some areas, overloaded buses in other areas, and buses running chronically behind schedule on several routes. It will also strengthen Guelph Transit by putting buses where and when they are needed most to carry passengers.
“We know that the changes coming in September will not make it better for everyone,” says Spicer. “But it is a start to ensure that our base level service is consistent and reliable. Our goal is to continue to improve the customer experience and provide the citizens of Guelph with an affordable, efficient and reliable service that provides value to the community.”
Proposed Special Event Fare
Staff will present a report to the City’s Committee of the Whole on June 6, that will propose a new special event fare program to encourage residents to take the bus when attending a ticketed event at the River Run Centre or Sleeman Centre, including all Guelph Storm home games.
The proposed fare for this program is $1 cash only, valid on conventional and mobility service. Monthly passes will not be reduced as a result of the program, and all other fares programs would continue to be valid. If approved, the special event fare would start this September.
Guelph Transit is well positioned to offer this service to event goers as buses connect at Guelph Central Station, providing service within walking distance to the River Run Centre and Sleeman Centre, and downtown restaurants and shops.
Clean Air Day
Clean Air Day is national program held on the first Wednesday in June to raise community awareness and encourage positive actions relating to clean air and climate change. The City has supported this program since 2001 through various initiatives such as free transit.
Residents who normally take a vehicle to get around Guelph are encouraged to ride Guelph Transit for free on Wednesday, June 7.
City staff will be at Guelph Central Station from 8 a.m. until noon providing information about sustainability and transportation. Staff will also share information about the transit system, bike racks and the accessibility features of conventional transit.
For more information, visit guelphtransit.ca.
For more information:

Mike Spicer, General Manager
Guelph Transit

519-822-1260 extension 3321


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