The Facts for East End #Guelph’ites to Know! You are NOT Ignored by Us! 

The East end of Guelph should know this info: I’d like to thank Councillor Gibson for compiling these links after an inquiry was made by an East end resident to us both – wondering if the city wasn’t addressing their needs? 

I had a blog post from the past about this here:

I have written a letter to the editor in response to a letter published by the Tribune in yesterday’s Tuesday paper. My hope is that it is published,  but if not, I’ll post it here soon.

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York Road and traffic controls ‎

East End Grocery Store and Development ‎ 

4 responses to “The Facts for East End #Guelph’ites to Know! You are NOT Ignored by Us! ”

  1. Maureen Avatar

    As an East and North ender, since 2007, I am pleased to see the needs of this vibrant community are on your radar. I would be very happy to accept some new services in the area and I also know that grocery stores and other conveniences can have an impact (not always +ve) on the essence and integrity of a neighbourhood. I trust that the balance of enough services AND maintaining a neighbourhood feel are on the minds of our city councillors. Thank you!

  2. Tina Avatar

    Thanks for the update, albeit disappointing. As a resident of the east end (since 2004) as well, I cannot disagree or dispute any of the items reported in that news article. While I agree commercial development is needed and the York Corridor might be the place for it please make sure that what we get here is useful for the residents in the area who really have nothing except for a gas station that continues to be price gouging residents as they are the only game in town. (Always $.05 to $.10 more than anyone else)
    Can’t wait for the day we get good news.

  3. Robert Avatar

    While we’re on the topic of not ignoring the East End, could we also get the main roads like Yotk and Victoria resurfaced? The pounding noise from commercial traffic is getting louder,

    1. Roberta Avatar

      Glad (and not) to know I’m not the only one who has noticed the commercial traffic is getting louder.

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