Top #10 Reasons To Attend #MiC2017 in #Guelph! #CivicTech #Innovation

Collaborate. Create. Accelerate. Don’t wait. Registrate!

The top 10 reasons to go to #MiC2017 – (reasons 1 through 10 will change your life*)


  1. Best panels ever assembled*
  2. Out of this world* keynote presentations
    • Best-selling, multiple-award-winning author Lawrence Hill
    • Martha Lenio led a NASA Mars Probe simulation in Hawaii for eight months
  3. Wonderful workshops
  1. Best pre-conference-municipal-innovation-conference video of all time*
  2. The Province of Ontario’s Behavioural Insights Unit. I know, right, mind blowing stuff. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
  3. Best partners
  4. Best MC in the entire history of Guelph municipal innovation conferences—Jay Reid from The Making Box
  5. We’re going to help you share what you learned after the conference with a pre-made PowerPoint to impress your colleagues
  6. The people. Attendees have already booked their registrations from Abbottsford, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia
  7. It’s in Guelph. Take a look at eight Canada 150-inspired mini films to get a flavour of our city. And take a look at a couple of our innovative projects: Civic Accelerator and the municipal guide for the sharing economy
  8. !!BONUS REASON!! Everyone who comes will get their very own @LuckyIronFish with another donated to a developing country

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