VIDEO: @LongoMarkets Grand Opening in #Guelph! 

They don’t cut ribbons at Longo’s- They bite into a delicious apple to open their stores! Guelph is their 32nd store and there was a huge turnout for the opening today!

My remarks (VIDEO) welcoming them are HERE!

The store also has a community room that has a kitchen in it which will be nice for people and groups to rent if need be.

190 jobs so far! Excellent news for Guelph!

Thank you Longo’s for choosing Guelph and we wish you much success!


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  1. Louise Marshall Avatar
    Louise Marshall

    Thanks for the update Cam. I read my email late Wednesday night and headed right into Guelph to Longo’s!

    I used to shop at Longo’s in Oakville when I attended Sheridan College.

    Louise Marshall


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