#Guelph is Getting a Cannabis Retail Store.

Just received a call from the Province.

More Info HERE and HERE

4 responses to “#Guelph is Getting a Cannabis Retail Store.”

  1. Kevin Lowry Avatar
    Kevin Lowry

    Question, we can’t walk out of a liquor store and open the bottle. Are we going to be able to walk out of a cannabis shop and light up?

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      I don’t know. This is a federal and provincial initiative. Rules will I’m sure be following shortly around this Substance in the public realm.

  2. Ted Pritchard Avatar
    Ted Pritchard

    Guelph is a city with 120,000+ population. It would be remarkable if the province didn’t locate a cannabis distribution centre here. Change is coming whether we want it or not. We’d better be prepared for it. The logical place is in the downtown with no parking access and force people to use transit to buy it. That’s away from schools, it’s central and it’s not too residential yet, but because of the transit hub, it’s accessible, and it will bring happy people downtown.

  3. Paul Avatar

    Please…no thanks!

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