The Report is Out Regarding #Guelph Hydro! All 231 Pages of it.

Please read it by clicking HERE!

Update as of Friday Dec 8th! Further info attached HERE!

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  1. Shirley Avatar

    I understand it is all about the money but what about the staff that will be expected to travel to keep their jobs. Guelph hydro is the company it is because of the staff, more thoughts needs to be given to the personal side of the takeover and not the all mighty dollar. A merger can happy but leave the employees in guelph doing what they do best …..their jobs, thru retirements from both sides there would be cost savings leave 395 southgate as a hub including customer service ,billing,credit and accounting. You would be doing a disservice to guelph customers not being able to come to our office to discuss their bill or make payment arrangements. Please rethink this.

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