#Guelph Council Approves Blueprint for Clair – Maltby Secondary Plan for Future Growth!

Initial concept plan for Guelph’s southernmost neighbourhood

Guelph, Ont., December 19, 2017 – Last night, Council approved the Conceptual Community Structure for the Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan Study.

“The conceptual community structure gives us a general blueprint for where land uses will be throughout the Clair-Maltby community,” explains Stacey Laughlin, senior policy planner with the City of Guelph. “It shows potential locations for housing, roads, trails, parks, schools and more for this southernmost area of Guelph.”

The approved conceptual community structure:

  • balances the protection of the natural heritage system and natural land features like the Paris Moraine with future development of the area;
  • proposes a transportation network that supports all modes of travel with roads, bicycle infrastructure, recreational trails and pedestrian walkways that provide strong connections throughout the Clair-Maltby area and to the rest of Guelph;
  • plans for a system of parks, open spaces and trails to provide recreation opportunities; and
  • is primarily residential with a range of housing types, mixed-use areas, and locations for schools and parks.

“Now that the conceptual community structure is approved we can move forward with technical studies and start developing options for building this new neighbourhood with input from our community,” adds Laughlin.

The City will develop up to three options for the community to review. These options will build on the approved conceptual community structure and add detail to the general land use pattern, road network and community elements. The options will be based on community input and the findings of the technical studies.

Community engagement opportunities will be announced as they are planned. There will be opportunities for both in-person and online feedback.

Technical studies planned for 2018 include a water and wastewater servicing study, a stormwater management study, mobility study, energy and other utilities study, a financial impact assessment and the continuation of a comprehensive environmental impact study.


Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan

 Media contact:

Stacey Laughlin, Senior Policy Planner
Planning, Urban Design and Building Services
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2327

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