#Guelph Should Join For Increased Funding to @GuelphLibrary

The downtown library business case comes forward for city council approval on Feb 13th.

After reading this article from the Kitchener Record, I will be adding a further motion for council consideration that we join the resolution passed by Kitchener City Council to look to the Province to increase funding to local libraries.

Please read the article HERE.

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3 responses to “#Guelph Should Join For Increased Funding to @GuelphLibrary”

  1. Barry Smith Avatar
    Barry Smith

    No! The Province has enough headaches. Put the money in health care and a new Hospital not another Library. Let people who use a Library fund it just like I feel about the River Run Center. Taxpayer wallets are only so deep my friend. Liberals are very frugal with our tax dollars

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      Gas plants.

      1. Barry Avatar

        Former Provincial Liberal Leader’s doing!! Regardless of partisanship, I just feel we have more important issues where this money could be used in our City. And why are we not lobbying for a new hospital? It seems the Province can kick in dollars for a new east end or south end high school but not a hospital. We own a hockey team through our tax dollar grants and even fund the River Run and now another new Library. As I said before taxpayers have only so.much to give and now we even guarantee loans to the Elliot!! Really.

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