Mayor’s Statement On #InternationalWomensDay #Guelph!

It’s important to look into ways of using a gender-based plus (GBA+) analysis lens on what occurs at city hall. I’ve recently been challenged by council colleagues at how there can be real barriers for women both entering and being within politics.

I’ve been taking time to reflect upon our current policies and procedures, but also focusing on what we can do to encourage more diversity within city council – no matter sex, age, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Some ideas are more gender-equity focused:

  • Daycare costs provided during day-time council meetings
  • Formal maternity, paternity, or adoption policy in place for councillors
  • Naming rights for city assets and street names (gender diversity)
  • During citizen satisfaction polling, ensure gender representation is included and not just demographics based on age.
  • Further training for both council and staff on Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+).

I will work with my colleagues on city council and city staff to determine next steps regarding these and possibly other options above.

What do you think Guelph?


Please read below my statement celebrating International Woman’s Day!

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