St. Paddy’s Day in #Guelph: “You’re on Notice”

I’ve received a few calls and e-mails from residents asking what plans are in place to manage disrespectful partying on St. Patrick’s Day. Click here for an article that spells out very clearly where I stand. (The full URL is A six minute audio interview with me is included so take a listen!

The article also gives a link to a video of our Police Chief launching the #FirmButFair campaign.

The City has been working for many months on a plan as part of a Joint Operations Team that includes the Guelph Police Service, University of Guelph, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Unit, and Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. The plan to enforce safe and responsible celebrating has been developed with lessons learned from past years, other cities, and events like Homecoming 2017. It includes an increased Bylaw and Police presence, as well as proactive, advance visits to properties that have been problems in the past.

There have been lots of discussions with neighbourhood residents over the past several months. I want to thank everyone who has voiced their concerns and proposed solutions. We are all working together with one goal: safe, respectful celebrations.

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