Are You Sitting Down #Guelph? We Just Landed Over $100 Million For Transit!

Actually, it’s $106 million.

Wow! Are you sitting down yet?

Thank you to the Federal and Provincial government! To our local representatives Lloyd Longfield and Liz Sandals! This partnership between all levels of government is what cities have been looking for!

This could also not come at a better time for us. This term, City Council unanimously approved a complete service review of Guelph transit. This review has already started and is occurring over the rest of 2018. An update on this review is coming to Council in April. We’re also just about to have a transit town hall next week (March 20th at city hall, 6:30pm)!

Next steps:

Our staff work plan already anticipates a report coming to City Council in May that identifies the phase two infrastructure funding. Or another way to put it, our “wish list!” This list would already include requests for transit but also touch on the other funding available for “social” and “green” infrastructure.

With today’s funding announcement, I will be requesting that City Council seek city staff to formally prepare a detailed plan that speaks to this funding allocation over the next 10 years. The funding is based on cost-sharing.

Of the $106 million commitment, up to $58 million will be provided as the federal share (40%) and up to $48 million as the provincial share (33%).  The municipal/partner investment required to maximize the federal/provincial commitment is $39 million, which represents a 27% cost-share.”

We must commit to this funding.

We need a plan.

We must stick to it.

Let’s celebrate together as a community this wonderful opportunity!

Take care,


P.S Today is “Thank your bus driver” day! So if you’re reading this on the bus, don’t forgot to say “thanks!”

6 responses to “Are You Sitting Down #Guelph? We Just Landed Over $100 Million For Transit!”

  1. Ahmet Kul Avatar

    Great news! I am so glad that Federal and Provincial Government is supporting our transit system! Let’s celebrate together as a community this wonderful opportunity!

  2. Brent Beam Avatar
    Brent Beam

    Well Cam ..u should know better…that money is being borrowed from future generations..once again both Liberal governments like buying votes in advance of elections with borrowed money..and the voters are stunned enough like Roberta above to be about running the system more efficiently and reducing the excessive cost of management…how about all those empty buses I see trundling around the city?? You failed to fulfill ur promise to keep taxes at the rate of inflation (CPI) about trimming the bloated overpaid under worked bureaucracy!!! Shame on u!

  3. T A Avatar
    T A

    Stop being a cheerleader Cam, 50% is what Lloyd is promising and UP TO, not a commitment….is what Liz Sandals and her accomplices in wasting money at the Wynette government is promising….city must come up with 27% share cost, 3.9 million dollars,,, yes Cam , you can get this, just confiscate (tax) more of people’s money…..hashtag, TRADITIONAL LIBERAL SHELL GAME…IM ASHAMED OF OUR MAYOR..👎👎👎👎

    1. Bob Wright Avatar
      Bob Wright

      The city needs to turn down the money. We are not getting $100 million as a gift. It needs to be borrow on the backs of our kids and grandkids. Guelph needs to lead by example. Tell the Feds and the Wynne Liberals that we can’t be bought; that we are a City with Integrity.

  4. Roberta Avatar

    Fantastic news!!!

    Now let’s keep the provincial Liberals in power so that the money isn’t pulled. The Guelph Liberal Candidate is Sly Castaldi. Get out and vote! So looking forward to the improvement and expansion of Guelph Transit, frequent GO train service, and high speed rail.

    Great work on all levels of Government!

    1. J. Bryant Avatar
      J. Bryant

      Great news. Edmonton has an excellent transit system….hopefully a system gets implimented in Guelph to accommodate future urban sprawl. U of G traffic only exists for part of the year….lets build a full service model that accommodates all transit needs for all tax paying ridership.

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