In Partnership With @RotaryGuelph, @FoodForKidsWW Takes Off in #Guelph!

Guelph is so lucky to have our Rotary Clubs! They give a great deal back to our community and have done so for many years! Last week I met with Terrie and Alan from Rotary who told ma all about the launch of “FOOD4KIDS” in Guelph. There are great programs in Guelph helping students in need of healthy foods during the week, but there’s a gap, especially for our most vulnerable young people when they’re not at school. So far there are 41 students identified to participate in this pilot program starting this week!

Their press release states:

“Food4Kids Waterloo Wellington, which has successfully operated in the Kitchener-Waterloo area since 2016, has now established a satellite operation in Guelph as well.

Food4Kids aims to close the weekend gap in feeding children whose families are struggling to make ends meet and to feed their families at home.  From Monday to Friday, many children in our community benefit enormously from nourishment programs at school, like breakfast, snack or lunch, but too many of them often go hungry at weekends.

Food4Kids will provide needy children (as many as the program can afford) with a sensible pack of food to take home from school on a Friday, to tide them over the weekend till they get back to school on Monday to enjoy their food programs there again.

In a true community partnership, Food4Kids in Guelph is actively supported by all four Rotary Clubs of Guelph, the Guelph Community Health Centre’s SEED program, and the local school board.”

Please check their website out and if you or a group of people want to help get involved, please email:

Here’s their website:

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