You Wanted More Bus Shelters – You’re Getting More Bus Shelters! #Guelph

52 of them to be exact!

Guelph, Ont., April 24, 2018 – Guelph Transit is installing 52 new shelters at bus stops across the city—bringing the total number of shelters to 110.

The shelters provide riders with a protected area away from wind, rain, or snow, and offer them a place to sit until the bus arrives.

“The new shelters are a part of our ongoing commitment to improving customer service on and off the bus. We’re confident the shelters will be a welcome addition for riders along our routes,” says Robin Gerus, interim general manager at Guelph Transit.

Earlier this month, 15 shelters were installed, including one at Imperial Road at West End Community Centre southbound.

Another 15 shelters will be in place in May and the remaining 22 will be installed in June. Of the 52, only two are replacing existing shelters.

Shelter locations are chosen based on the number of boardings at a bus stop and priority is given to stops that service multiple routes.

The cost to install one shelter, which includes a bench and concrete pad, is between $7,000 and $10,000.

This work is being funded through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund.

In March 2017, the governments of Ontario and Canada announced $9,681,491 in funding for five local transit projects:

·         Bus replacements

·         Fare box replacement

·         Bus stop upgrades/shelters

·         Transportation Master Plan

·         Traffic signal control system upgrade

“Investing in Guelph Transit improves the service we can deliver to our current and future riders,” adds Gerus.

The government funding is being matched by the City of Guelph.

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  1. debra charboneau Avatar
    debra charboneau

    I desperately the 13 bus again. I ham a senior with physical disabilities. Limited income can’t afford cabs.
    Please consider.
    Debra Charboneau

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      Email: and perhaps our staff can help you navigate other options to help you okay!

  2. Barry Avatar

    Government funding is being matched by the City of Guelph is a great statement to make but what are the actual dollar figures from the Government and our tax dollars?

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