As Promised, Follow-up to @GuelphTransit Town-hall Issues Raised. #Guelph

In late March we hosted a “Let’s Talk Transit” town-hall here at city hall. Approximately 80 people attended and I want to thank everyone for coming and taking the time out of your evening to let us know how you felt about transit in Guelph.

As promised, I had indicated that I was having each issue raised that evening compiled and then sent to staff to respond.

We are committed to continue to improve the transit experience for our citizens. So much so, that as many of you know we are in the middle of a complete service review which is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. This review brings together everyone both internally (staff and union), along with external consultants and the public to give us the feedback required.

Soon, the review will have a public engagement part that is vital to the review and to the recommendations that will eventually flow from it. When these engagement opportunities present themselves I would encourage everyone to speak up and continue to share your feelings about how we can make transit better for all involved.

The link to the service review page can be found HERE 

Below are the issues raised and responses from staff.

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  1. sylvia thurston Avatar
    sylvia thurston

    Once again , Thanks for keeping citizens informed  about “what’s Going On in our city ” .  I do NOT take the bus and haven’t since I graduated from university in 1969 .  HOWEVER , I know that it is important to some people and I appreciate their need . I just want to Thank You for being a Fantastic Mayor — Yes, You have my vote in the next election !   Sylvia Thurston

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