Can You Help Us Out #Guelph? Trim that Tree! Thank you!

Time to trim the tree…for snow clearance.

Okay, well you don’t need help us with that tree in the picture! But we still need your help! Read on…

Guelph, Ont., November 7, 2018 – The City is preparing for winter and reminds residents that any privately-owned trees or shrubs that hang onto City sidewalks need to be trimmed to allow for winter sidewalk maintenance.

“In previous years we have found that private trees and bushes that hang out onto the sidewalk, often weighed down by heavy snow, prevent our machinery from clearing the sidewalks well and in some cases, at all,” says Terry Dooling, manager of Public Works with the City of Guelph.

The City is asking all residents to look carefully at their privately-owned trees and bushes that encroach on sidewalks before the snow flies and appropriately trim everything back. Trees that hang over sidewalks lower than eight feet will prevent sidewalk plows from passing safely.

City staff will be out in the coming weeks to trim and clear City-owned trees in advance of the winter season.

Bylaw Compliance Officers will be checking public right of ways and sidewalks to ensure that privately-owned trees and shrubs are not encroaching. Any resident with an encroachment will receive a notice and a time frame to help the City clear trees and shrubs. If trimming is not kept up, City bylaw will trim where appropriate and bill the residents for this work.

“We really need everyone’s help to keep sidewalks free from overhanging trees and shrubs,” adds Dooling. “We want everyone to be able to get where they need to go safely, including our winter control operators.”

If residents are unsure of whether their tree’s ownership, they can check the tree ownership map on the City’s website.

For more information:

Terry Dooling, Manager
Public Works, Operations
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 3346

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    360 Ironwood, bushes /trees restrict sidewalk access….

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      Please email into:

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