Check Out This WONDERFUL @MakeAWishSWO & @WestJet Video with #Guelph Citizens!

You’ll need some Kleenex. Not that I needed it, i think there was just a lot of dust that got in my eye at the very same time that i happened to watch this video.

This video is about Karl, who is from Guelph.

All of the Make a Wish Kids are also from Guelph! I Just thought it was important, with so much negativity and crazy politics that’s out there, that’d it’d be nice to share some happy Guelph news! So enjoy and let’s share this video to spread happiness to others! Click HERE:

While you’re at it, consider donating to our local Guelph Make a Wish Foundation and make a big difference in the lives of these children and families!

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  1. Cindy Douma Avatar
    Cindy Douma

    This is amazing! Thanks for posting Cam.

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